Marcel Jacobs, Blue Arrow Who Wants To Take The Torun 2021

Time passed, the countdown began and European Indoor Athletics Championships Scheduled prof grandson They are getting close. The date has been set for this coming weekend, specifically March 4-7, when 44 Azzurri goes to hunt for medals to win a place in the sun in the medals table. A presence undoubtedly stands out among those invited Marcel Jacobs, The hostility that Italian nationality Mentioning a lot in this Continental review, given the 6.53 obtained at 60 meters this year, two years off the Italian record.

Who is Marcel Jacobs

Foto di Mauri Ratilainen / Ansa

Story of the Marcel Lamont Jacobs He is definitely one of those to be told because despite the Italian vibe and Val Gardena, the blue feud was born United State In 1994, specifically Prof. a stepOf an Italian mother married to a Marine from Texas. In West City though Jacobs There is very little left, because in a second it moves to Italy with my mother Viviana, Settled on Lake Garda, A. Desenzano, Start the association with his new country. The first sport he comes close to is basketball, he follows in his father’s footsteps, however Athletics is slowly embezzling his lifeWhich led him to hesitate to the path at the age of ten Desenzano del Garda Where the technician works Gianni Lombardi, The historic meeting organizer Multi-star.

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Transportation to Gorizia

Marcel Jacobs
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In 2011, he also began trying the long jump, breaking two years later (in 2013) the indoor junior record. Roberto Viglia That lasted from 1976, laying the 7.75 stratosphere. A few months later it reached 8.03 ai Divorced in the hall in Padua, Decides to move to Gorizia To work under directions Paolo CamusiFormer indoor champion of the trilogy. 2016 is the year he made the longest jump of his career, dropping at 8.48 with +2.8 favorable winds, then entering third place all-time indoor in the national ranking with 8.07.

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Hostility career

Marcel Jacobs
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He had to deal with a knee problem in 2017, the following year Marcel Jacobs He decides to focus on running and moving on Rome To improve your style. The passion remains in the long run, however, and in 2019 the blue returns to racing and puts 8.05 indoor not bad after such a long hiatus. In a 100-meter apartment then the explosion comes, With 10.03 crazy in Padua It deserves the third Italian performance in every era yet Cake (9 ″ 99) e Minya (10 01). Time followed by exploiting ai The World Cup in DohaHe set the Italian record with a 4 × 100 relay (38.11).

Father of two children

Life of Marcel Jacobs Shown by two kids, the blue feud was with his partner Nicole Daza. A boy and a girl are not separated from their mother. “Being a father for the second time gave me peace of mind and more confidence in my potential – Acceptance Marcel Jacobs Never as at this moment they are on top physically and mentallyAn ideal position for an athlete born in a step, Which prof Grandson 2021 He would go looking for a medal that could make him enter Italian athletics history.

Curriculum (Longo, R / 4x100m)

Absolute Italian surnames: 5 (2016, internal 2017, 100 AD: 2018-2019-2020); world Cup: 2019 (sf / 100m, pat / p); Europeans: 2016 (11), 2018 (SF / 100 AD); Internal European: 2017 (11th quarter), 2019 (NW / Q); Europe under 20: 2013 (9); European teams: 2019 (2/100 AD); Global Relays: 2019 (Fins / R).

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