“Maradona is number one, Van Basten is the toughest customer”

Sarzana – Val di Magra – To the historic Inter captain Beppe Bergomi, for the values ​​he represents and represents in life and sport, the first edition of the Coriolano Perioli Award, named after the president of La Spezia in 1944. The award was presented last night in the gardens of Via Valentini, in Ponte d’Arcola, during An evening recorded for the audience at the wonderful events, they were greeted carefully and seated after the exhibition of the green corridor. Relatives of President Pirioli attended, grandson of the 44th Championship Mario Tommasio, Andrea Corradino, President of the Carispezia Foundation, funder of the event, Director of Spezia Calcio Luca Maggiani, former President of Spezia Stefano Chisoli, Eagles manager and fan Alberto Bandolo, Piero Lorenzelli, a veteran of the sport, Angelo Molinari of the Panathlon Club, Engineer Leonardo Bruni, Regional Commander of the Fire Brigade, the body temporarily ceded to the sporting heritage of the Eagles in the experience of wartime victory. An achievement that President Perioli could not see in its fullness, paying with his life for his commitment to defending the victims of Nazi fascist persecution, as recounted by actor Riccardo Monopoly in his speech dedicated to the personality of the businessman Arcolan. A sports page, the one that was 77 years ago, was celebrated yesterday, to conclude with prosperity, with the show We were almost in heaven, on stage Gianvilis Facchetti, actor and author the unforgettable son of Gicinto, and the trio Otavio Richter. And before the theatrical performance, the interview and awarding of the prize to “Uncle” Bergomi, who spoke with Armando Napolitano and Gianluca Tifinina, the evening’s host. Many topics were covered, the first of which is Spanish world: “Biggest teacher of my career. I must always thank Enzo Bearzot, my second father. I lost what I had early on, at sixteen he never saw me play at such a high level, and even before I had so little time for my followers, We had a dealer to follow. He wasn’t a big fan of football, had a lot of engines and bikes, and raced like an amateur. Bearzot was essential to me, like the whole group of 82, great players and great guys.” There was no shortage of clip on the title: “I have an older brother, he wore a mustache. When I was a teenager the fluff started coming out and I left it there. In the first match in the youth sector of Inter, they gave a prize to the youngest player, who I am, born in December. But before giving it to me, they wanted to see a card Identity twice, because I looked a few years older. At sixteen I got into the first team, changing Gianpiero Marini, who was the one who gave nicknames to everyone in the locker room. He looked at me and said: How old are you? And I: sixteen. He says: “You look like my uncle” and from there remained his uncle forever.”

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Then comes the Bergomi chip that deals with golden boy. “Maradona was the greatest ever, number one. And a loyal opponent: once you hit hard, we gave him some to Maradona, but he never protested, he got up and kept playing. He was the greatest on the pitch and my teammates who played for Napoli always spoke well to me: he fought from For them, they gave everything for him.” But to the question of who was the most difficult customer, the answer is not the ten: “The one that caused the biggest problems for me, and the hardest to identify, was Marco van Basten. Ninety meters, incredible technical qualities, fast, very bad. He’s the most complete I’ve ever played against. Maradona remains in first place, but Van Basten was the most difficult to face. “Then key Italy 90When it was Argentina in Maradona that boycotted the blue dream in the semi-finals. “We played in Rome, there was a great environment, from Marino to the motorway we were surrounded by people who accompanied us. When we got to the stadium, we warmed up on the pitch – while we used to do it in the gym – because there was a great environment. From that, we played the semi-finals in Napoli, Maradona made some statements that warm the environment a little. But the responsibility for the defeat lies with us, we were on the pitch and we couldn’t win that match. But we were a good team, maybe we played the best football. That’s right, it was an injury, but I still have a great memory, I was captain of this team and I carry it in my heart.I have a conversation with the ’82 champion but also with the Magic Nights group, and this year we plunged into congratulating our friends Roberto Mancini and Gianluca Vialli on their European Championship win “. It is impossible not to dwell on the success of last July: “A great group with a very strong match. After the first day of the European Championship I said: Our team is a team, and the others represent. From the first match we saw something important.” The success of Euro 2020 has arrived under the guidance mansio: “A player with extraordinary talent and a great personality. As a coach, he won everywhere – Inter, City, Galatasaray – but what he did with the national team was amazing and I think it reflects his character more. When he became coach three years ago, he said he wanted to bring the team back. The National is where he deserves to be, and through the courage of his choices and the hoarding of the group, he has been able to do something truly unique. I think his path as a coach will go on for a long time. Next World Cup? I don’t know if we will be able to win them, but we will still be champions.”

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Look at the second half of the ’90s, when someone arrives at Pinetina Ronaldo. “I’ve never seen one of my teammates as powerful as the speed technique. Really a phenomenon. I remember the first training match, on a little ground. Frey raises his hands toward Ronaldo, I say: I expect it. Instead, he goes to meet the ball, touches my chest, and passes it over My head and hit it quickly, scored for Pagliuca. Let’s get off to a good start… An extraordinary player. Injuries sharpened him a bit, but he managed to win the World Cup, Championships and Cups as a great champion. A unique player.” On the screen – a parade of captains – the faces of Samir Handanovic, Javier Zanetti, Giacinto Facchetti and Bergomi himself appear: “And let’s not forget Armando Pitch, a wonderful captain – notes his uncle -. As soon as I saw Zanetti I said: This is a phenomenon. I had Facchetti as a manager, an extraordinary person, a point Reference. I don’t know Handanovic much, he seems to me a silent leader, saying the right things when he speaks.” The silent captain identifies that “Uncle” also kept yesterday in reference to his ten years of experience with the captaincy: “As a captain, it was important to me to be a positive example to the youngsters or to the foreigners who arrived in the locker room. I wanted to make them understand, By their behaviour, what it means to have DNA Inter, which is different from others, neither better nor worse, each team has its own. For me wearing the headband was a great honour, I did my best by doing it.” A bond so strong, that with Inter, Bergomi could not have chosen another Italian beach. Among the calls that arrived at the end of the Nerazzurri experience, were those of the Prime Minister: “I saw myself abroad only when I was away from Inter. I was also ready to move to the United States, but there were problems with the largest number of foreigners. From England he called me Gordon Strachan, coach of Coventry, in the Premier League. I said no, it’s a regret.” And here comes the sliding door game: Life on the field ends, and another one opens almost instantly that Nerazzurri science did not anticipate, and that will not bring a little satisfaction: “Life is strange … When I played I was shy, I talked a little. Now I communicate and work on TV. I remember when Fabio Carissa and the Tele + manager came to my house … I told them that maybe they were wrong. Instead of So here I am, it became my job. I remember, in 1999, when Fabio and I tried the first comment, Juventus and Milan beat the Rossoneri. They removed the original comment and it and I comment. In the end, Carissa told me: “You have TV times.” Which means Speaking for exactly fifteen minutes, as a second voice, for an hour of commentary, making it clear in a short time what’s going on, not a trifle, not saying anything if you have nothing to add etc. And when we come out after we put this Ugandan comment, there A solar eclipse. Perhaps it was a sign of fate telling us that we would become friends and work together for many years.” And the Bergomi-Caressa duo is ready to get back on track for the next world championship. “At the moment Rai has acquired the rights to all platforms, but Sky has been told there is a good chance of getting the rights, and they will negotiate with Rai. If we take the rights then we already know that Fabio and I will comment together on the World Cup.”
After a pleasant chat, here is the awarding of the award by Mayor Monica Paganini, along with Chancellor Sarah Luciani, Sports Delegate Ferdinando Coppola, and Club Director Magani, by President Pirioli’s granddaughter Gabriella Bartolozzi, by President Corradino who carried his salute. And as soon as he got off the stage, “Uncle” gladly presented himself for autographs and memorial photos with many who met him in a special memory of this evening.

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