Mara Farsi has been in a coma in Australia for two months, and now her parents want her back to Sardinia. The mayor of the city launches a fundraising campaign

It’s inside coma from two months In a hospital Melbourne. It is located around Persian MaraAnd the 30 years: Now her parents want to take her home, a Fluminimaggiorewhich is a small town in the province of Carbona-Iglesiasin Sardinia. However, they no longer had the money: neither to stay with her in Australia nor to pay for her transportation and take her back to her country.

As I mentioned Sardinian FederationFor Mara Farsi, a solidarity competition has been launched to collect the shape Necessary for a long and expensive confrontation a trip From return on his island. The 30-year-old was in Melbourne for work: she was there au husband. At the house where she was performing her duties directly, one morning she was found stalked and In a state of unconsciousness. According to the doctors’ diagnosis, Farsi suffered from a General breakdown of all internal organs The family did not give much hope that he would wake up from the deep coma in which he lived for two months. So her parents immediately flew to her, but now they no longer have the financial support to be able to stay near her. Australian doctors gave green light for transportation to meBrotzu . Hospital From Cagliari, but due to her serious condition, she must be accompanied special machineswhich has a high cost.

like him Marco CorreasThe mayor From Fluminimaggiore, created a page from fundraising with a view to achieving 45 thousand euros To help transport Mara, who is currently residing at Alfred Hospital: “A couple of months ago she was found in a coma and hasn’t woken up since. Her parents rushed to Melbourne, but are desperate because in addition to Mara’s suffering, they have no financial means to stay there or take her to Sardinia” The mayor explained in a video clip posted on YoutubeIn it, he mentioned how to donate money via the Eppela platform. The mayor added that Ministry of Foreign Affairs He is aware of the situation: “The Consul General in Melbourne is following up on the case, even if he has already announced that they will not be able to carry out the transfer at Farnesina’s total account, and we will also have to contribute. We will do it, and we will try to collect in our poor municipal budget, everything we can to help the family.”

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