Many Italians suffer from arthritis, but here are the symptoms to discover and what are the possible treatments to combat it

Many Italians suffer from arthritis. This would be more than 30% of people over 65 years of age, with a heterosexual prevalence. The pathology we are talking about is characterized by joint damage, not only due to aging but also from other risk factors. One of them will be familiar, and cannot be interfered with. The other, however, will be the weight, which can be adopted with respect to lifestyles A proper diet contrasts with obesity e overweight. But let’s try to understand what are the indicators of osteoporosis and, accordingly, its main symptoms.

The greatest, without a doubt, is the joint pain associated with short stiffness in the fingers, for example. On the other hand, if the stiffness persists for more than 30/60 minutes, this may indicate an inflammatory disease, such asarthritis. The latter, unlike osteoarthritis, is not degenerative.

Arthritis symptoms

painarthritis It is chronic and increases over the years, until normal joint activities are impeded. It also tends to worsen with use and loading. So, the auricle can be local, that is, it concerns only certain areas, such as the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe hand. On the other hand, if it is generalized, it affects several areas at the same time. The first type will be more common among young people, while the second type will be more common among the elderly.

Many Italians suffer from arthritis, and it mostly affects the spine as well as the cervical or lumbar tracts. It is also common to take the hands or knees. Moreover, they can be primary, if the cause has not been determined, or secondary, if they are associated with anatomical problems. To diagnose it, just take an x-ray. In other cases, for a more thorough investigation, ultrasound and MRI are also prescribed.

Many Italians suffer from arthritis, but here are the symptoms to discover and what are the possible treatments to combat it

We now come to what are the possible treatments, which naturally aim to reduce pain and allow the limb to function. In this case, anti-inflammatories are prescribed, which allow to control the symptoms. In this regard, innovative treatments are being put forward, represented by biological medicines, which are not currently available in Italy. However, in more serious cases, infiltrative treatments, such as those based on hyaluronic acid, may be resorted to. Then there are orthopedic surgeries until the actual surgery.

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