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Many countries criticize the human rights situation in the United States at the Human Rights Council

On March 17, the 46th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council reviewed the findings of the US National Review of Human Rights, and were criticized by representatives of Venezuela, Syria, Belarus, and other countries.

Venezuela has expressed grave concern about the human rights situation in the United States and strongly urged the United States to protect citizens’ right to health during the pandemic, respect international law, and immediately abolish the unlawful and unilateral coercive measures imposed on Venezuela and other sovereign states. And stop state terrorism against sovereign states.

Syria declared that the United States had evaded its obligations under international law, and was seeking excuses for a military attack and threatening the territorial integrity and integrity of other countries.

Belarus expressed the hope that the National Review of Human Rights would allow the United States to re-examine its problems in this area. While they demand other states to respect human rights, they cannot turn a blind eye to their own problems in this regard.

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