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(ANSA) – ROME, March 10 – NBA basketball player Niko Manion, the Italian-American goalkeeper in one of the first franchises on the West Coast, is the new face of Parmigiano Reggiano in the US.

After partnering with the young tennis player and promising Jannik Sinner, Parmigiano Reggiano reaffirms his investment in the world of sport and youth to emphasize the nature, authenticity and intrinsic qualities of the product that make it a staple food in everyone’s diet. Especially for athletes, who find there a completely natural charge of energy. “As a proud Italian, I am honored to become a brand ambassador such as Parmigiano Reggiano, a true symbol of Made in Italy. I have been a loyal consumer of it since I was young and I am happy to add a taste of home to the pre-match and post-match,” Manion commented. “We are proud that we have a talent like Nico Manion in the team. Parmigiano Reggiano has always been on the side of athletes with his natural charge of energy to support and reinforce values ​​such as respect, spirit of sacrifice and originality,” confirmed Parmigiano Reggiano Federation President Nicolas Bertinelli.

Niccolò “Nico” Mannion, born in 2001 in Siena, is the son of art: his father, Pace Manion, is a former American basketball player with a long run between the NBA and Serie A, and his mother, Gaia Bianchi, is a former volleyball player from Guidonia. His father played for Golden State Warriors as well as Utah, New Jersey and Milwaukee before moving to Italy in 1989, where he spent 13 years in Canto, Treviso, Reggio Emilia, Caserta and Siena. In 2003 the family returned to the United States. After an excellent season in the NCAA University Championship, with the Arizona Wildcats shirt closed with double figures for average points, Mannion was declared qualified for the 2020 Draft: on November 18, he was appointed by the team capable of winning 3 Nba episodes from 2015 to today. On February 10, he transferred to the G-League with an excellent performance, averaging 20 points per game. Boosted by those numbers, Niko returned on March 2 to the NBA parquet. In San Francisco, the “Red Mamba”, as he is nicknamed due to his hair color and gravity in attack, will be able to grow according to coach Steve Kerr’s teachings and alongside absolute champions such as Stephen Curry, who has twice been voted the best player in the league. Major League Soccer, Diamond Green and Clay Thompson. Although Manion is still very young, he is considered the great hope of blue basketball: he made his debut in the Italbasket jersey in 2018, at just 17 years old, and the fourth youngest of them ever. (handle).

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