Maneuvering, fines and local taxes without “cancellation”: interest and fines only

The Excerpts from small volumes Up to a thousand euros entrusted until 2015 stops at the municipal gates. For international taxes and other local taxes, in fact, the revocation will only relate to default interest and penalties, but will leave the tax to be paid as it is. Moreover, in the case of fines which are “penalties” in nature, the snare will only serve to stop the interest. The mechanism will be automatic, but municipalities can stop it by decision.

government work

The budget law that will emerge from the parliament’s amendments takes shape in the first two blocs of government amendments. The texts presented yesterday afternoon by Undersecretary of the Economy Federico Freni, and which today will be made clear to the Budget Committee of Representatives directly by the accountant Giancarlo Giorgetti, deal a lot with the tax authorities, the south, the local authorities and the family. But they do not exhaust the work of government which must be completed today, provided they find roofing apron In the quarters that remain open such as pensions. All while waiting for the votes to pay off on Monday when the business saver with the penal shield for official missteps will also end up.


in terms of taxesThe most important news comes about the cancellation of the old matches registered in the round, in a compromise that tries to avoid prior risks with 350 million repercussions on municipal budgets. Thus, the concerned taxpayers, including those who have already proceeded with the abolition of taxes, will have to continue to pay taxes and fines, only avoiding complications arising from the delays that they provide themselves at the cash desk. Just to give mayors time to make a decision, lo effective extracts Postponed from January 31 to March 31, the date on which the deadline for approval of municipal budgets and tax-related decisions has just been extended.

On the other hand, another amendment extends the scope of revocation to penalties other than those arising from tax evasion and contributions, which are initially excluded from the measure. That is, according to the technical report, there are about 39 billion arrears, of which 17 are on interest. This second number specifically measures the theoretical revenue that a corrective foregoes, because in the case of penalties, zeroing out is only about interest.

Pending disputes

Then comes a double step on pending disputes. Dispute closure extends to excise duties, both in the first two levels of judgment and in cases before the Supreme Court. Then another state corrective measure specifically deals with disputes before the Supreme Court by providing that costs of judgment remain the responsibility of the person asking for the case to be terminated; In the event of a ‘no’ to the closure, the concerned party can appeal to the Supreme Court.

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