Manchester City sees the title

Manchester, UK) The Manchester City beat Wolverhampton 5-1 is given to Liverpool’s success in Aston Villa, regaining the top spot and getting the title. Instead Chelsea 3-0 pass at Leeds and closes the third place, Giving a sigh of relief to Everton Lampard, who can be satisfied with 0-0 at Watford. After leaving the league conference with Rome, Leicester celebrate instead, ruling Norwich 3-0.

De Bruyne Show, Poker Served

Manchester City immediately responded to Liverpool’s success with Aston Villa, defeating the unfortunate Wolverhampton 5-1 and returning to the top of the standings. Absolute Belgian protagonist De Bruyneto severe criticism after the elimination in the Champions League by Real Madrid, Poker authorThree goals in less than twenty minutes. Sterling LED Team Guardiola-Dendoncker for Wolves Science.

Wolverhampton – Manchester City, match report and statistics

Tres Chelsea, Lukaku also scored

Chelsea beat Leeds 3-0 to qualify for the Champions League, moving to +8 in Tottenham’s Conte player, who still has to recover three games compared to the Blues. Goals Mount, Pulisic and Lukaku launched Tuchel in third placewhile leaving the white team in a complete struggle for safety, it remained in third place from last place.

Leeds vs Chelsea, match report and statistics

Everton breathe, Leicester ransom

Frankie Lampard sighs with relief, who is satisfied with Everton’s 0-0 score at Watford, given the apparent success of his “team” Chelsea against Leeds. After the elimination in the league conference with Rome, Lester smiles againwhich is rampant against Norwich Thanks to Vardy’s double and Madison’s goal.

Watford vs Everton, match report and stats

Leicester – Norwich, match report and statistics

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But how powerful is Haaland? The word for the big names, from Guardiola to Rose

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