Manchester City, Puma unveil new uniforms

The Manchester city Puma is proud to unveil its latest range of esports products, which include a new limited-edition T-shirt and recreational hoodie. The jersey will be worn by City’s professional esports players who represent Manchester City in FIFA and Fortinte. This includes the likes of Shaun “Sheils” Springett and Ryan Pessoa who will wear the jersey in various FIFA competitions this season, as well as Conrad Scram, Aidan “Threats” Mong and Jacob “Hellfire” Hansen who will wear the jersey while competing in Fortnite. .

The unique design of the grid is inspired by the characteristics of television screens, especially the optical distortion when the connection or signal is different. Dubbed ‘electronic camouflage’ or ‘eCAMO’, the distortion is represented by a stunning color scheme, the main feature of this season’s esports jersey.

Manchester City has one of the most advanced esports platforms in global football, with players in the UK, USA, China and Denmark and a strategic partnership with the world’s leading esports and entertainment organization FaZe Clan. The leading technology organization and Official Partner of the ‘e&’ club (formerly Etisalat Group) will become the latest esports jersey front shirt partner, having appeared on the sleeve in previous years.

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