Manceskin beat: memes in the final between Italy and England

He had started a BBC account yesterday morning with Tweet UN“Italy won Eurovision, you can’t win the Europeans either. Do not be greedy “. But that’s how it went, Italy beat England in the Euro 2020 final at Wembley.

One of the best memes posted after last night’s match brought together European footballers and Eurovision won by Måneskin (by the way, the England representative was left at ground zero).

Thus Manceskin was born (Copyright short) and the best victory meme.

The real queen.

Meanwhile in the United States Megan …

The royal children face off.

The royals that celebrate and the royals that celebrate the least.

And all day yesterday, the British repeated the ‘She’s Coming Home’ mantra, which became ‘Rome is coming’, endorsed by the UK Post Office.

And half an hour later the Italian Post Office (this meme is a robbery target, to put it in the language of football) …

Morale: Operations, we did it again.

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