Mama Ray has children who are 60 years old

We were all children of Ray’s mother, but now the mother doesn’t even have grandchildren. Rai has lost youth. He can’t even do that with Sanremo, given that those who win are out of the competition formats: Maneskin, Fedez, and Michielin, all of whom are Sky Sons. For some time, he no longer had the boys’ band, due to incomprehensible scheduling mechanisms, but he was unable to involve them even on music or entertainment programs.

It had the look of “The Voice” hijacked on Rai Uno for a singing contest for seniors over 60. A company that caters to the needs of the elderly, who are no longer consumed because they are forced to keep their children in school is a company that does not think about the future but rather about the past, and unfortunately it is a public company that should address everyone. The Rai is now a dinosaur that has lost its teeth and is tirelessly pulling itself towards extinction.

Of course, some network managers might aspire to have a curation composed solely of rappers and members of the trap who are now the only successful generations of music movement, but you see it on air provided by conductors who are the ages of their parents or uncles, not to mention grandparents? I honestly don’t.

There is now an old composed mechanism, made of blinds, muzzles, and diluted throws to the bone, all the same and repetitive. Even the trend looks older than that of Enzo Trapani’s programs in the 1960s. It is the extinction story of the new generation. If you ever think of going back to Renzo Arbor’s “Speciale per Voi”, where the young, long-haired audience interacted with the singers of the time, it looks like an innovative program today, even if it’s black and white.

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I don’t even understand ad policy. How do companies economically support programs for a target of more than sixty? Do they really think that the elderly consume more than the young and for how long will they be able to?

Compared to “Amici” from De Filippi, the young participants in Sanremo look much older than their age. They don’t even show that generational “gap” between adults. The frustrated or frustrated expression of an “Amici” boy when criticized by one of their teachers, see dance teacher Celentano, who resembles “Cuckoo’s Nest” nurse, perfectly explains how young people are far and lonely toward this generation.

In Sanremo, young people seem to be aging prematurely behind the scenes, even before they even step onto the stage. It is enough to take a look at the networks of foreign specialists. The BBC, for example, has several formats dedicated to youth, as in France 2. You not only see it on air but also work on it, in editorial offices and in production. In the US, there are battle rap formats with unbelievable ratings. The mechanism is simple: when television talks about reality and contemporary, young people still watch it. She understood Sky, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, and all the new platforms popping up like mushrooms. Ray, no. However, we were all children of Ray’s mother, a mother who early became a grandmother in a dark place out of the scene, like an old singer who regrets past glories.

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