Malpensa, journalist Savini: “A hallucinatory experience with Wizz Air”

Malpensa Wizaer Anna Savini

Malpensa – The Passenger Reports who chose to leave for Holidays from Malpensa with Wizz Air And they had to suffer the inconvenience of delays, flight cancellations and no refunds. Latest from Anna Savini, a well-known journalist from Como “A hallucinatory experience,” he says.

Savini’s story

below is verbatim report On “Nightmare Vacation” by Anna Savini:

Anna Savini Wizzair canceled the return flight from Olbia at 8.25 am on August 15, which anyway was already moved by them at a time not convenient for me, emailed me to confirm the cancellation and even made it disappear from the original reservation, but then prevented the payment being made in half , pull the trip back and the money together.

Paid 98€ for the return flight and in order to fly back home I had to take the last seat on the only available flight at the airport (Wizzair was booked or with flights canceled) which was Alitalia for 186€ (166 plus 20€) for ticket office fee ).

That’s the end of the story but the experience was much longer, more expensive and more painful.

I booked 2 flights with WIzzair (VGQF71) well in advance through E-Dreams (1 7207759634 Aug 3, 2021 from Malpensa to Olbia and back from Olbia to Malpensa on 15).

The times were chosen because I wanted to get to Sardinia in the morning and back to Milan in the afternoon. Tours cost close to €200, so it’s not like they’re great deals.

Wizzair informed me via email that both flights were moved at times that didn’t work for me. In particular, the return that would have forced me to get up at five in the morning to get to the airport in Olbia for the mid-August flight at 8.25. And there the journey began. The emails do not contain links to do any kind of foreign exchange, just apologies for the inconvenience.

Although I downloaded the app, as advised, there was no way to change flights or request a refund. A minister pointed to Edreams saying I should not book with them, and Edreams, who had not yet been notified of the changes, said to contact the airline and thus to Wizzair.
Edreams kept giving me the old schedules and when it was time to leave the online check in was blocked. I arrived at the airport on a spare easyJet flight and only by a miracle was I able to catch my Whisper flight after the employee tried and tried to help me with my phone in hand for the online check in. I wasn’t the only one having this problem, but only a month later Wizzair gave a message warning that I could check in at the airport at no extra cost. However, when I left, it kept bouncing from the app to the site and it prevented me from doing the process until the time ran out and the employee had to do it manually by paying for the pickup, which according to the procedures Wizzair indicated had to be understood. I also spent 7€ to hear the answering machine from wizzair call center say the cost of the call is up to 15€ and after 7€ the line was not dropped at all.
Once in Sardinia, I tried in every way with Edreams and with Wizzair (complaints office in the press office) to report problems, but only received answers in which Wizzair said he could do nothing, while Edreams asked to contact Wizzair.
One day, Wizzair let me move the flight in the middle of the night, and I got a 120 percent or 100 percent bonus on the account and at that point made the flight disappear with the money by canceling it. On the day of departure, Edreams still gives the original times. As soon as I get home with the Alitalia flight, Ederimas introduced the reimbursement procedure to Wizzair which is neither responsible nor compensated, in addition to the fact that for a canceled flight I will be entitled to EC261 compensation for all expenses paid for the canceled flight and thus also the Alitalia flight (excluding €100 from easyJet) which You will still go into the final bill of €100 for the outgoing flight and €400 for the return flight due to a flight canceled by Wizzair.

I obviously have all the evidence of what I’m standing on and am also willing to contact [email protected] but not by email (as Wizzair suggests doing for those who aren’t happy with how the compensation transaction is going) because if I did, I found out that An email will come back and take you back to the site. I say this in case someone sums up the whole story in English, as I did, only to get an automatic reply saying “Your email will not be taken into account”.

I realize this report is mind-boggling but in fact it only reflects a small part of the stress and loss of money that Wizzair has caused me on these holidays, even before the flight change in July and even after.

Malpensa, Destroyed Vacations and Phantom Compensation. Wizz Air passengers angered

Malpensa Weezer Anna Savini – MALPENSA24

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