Malfunction of the 4G network is a danger to telephone company customers

4G network, a risk to TIM, Vodafone and WindTre customers due to a leak that puts privacy at risk. The advice is not to use the network, but let’s better understand what an alert is.

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the 4G network dangers Phone company customers? The question was legitimate since a flaw in the system was discovered that would make access to users’ personal data. Is this good news or is the alert meant to get people to give up 4G to devote themselves to 5G? Many doubts and questions baffle me TIM, Vodafone and WindTre customers Who are concerned about a possible breach of privacy.

4G network, is the danger real?

Since 2010 we used to use 4G network for surfing the Internet and make calls through the device. Nearly twelve years of knowledge when sometime to be announced Flaw in security protocols. He is instantly alerted to the privacy of the phone company’s customers.

Synchronization of the danger of the 4G network and5G enters the sceneSupport, present, future, past Doubts arise About the legality of the alert. However, 5G is progressing very slowly especially in Italy, therefore, the hypothesis is that the 4G network will be in use for several years. So the focus should remain on privacy issues very high.

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Do it in security protocols, what it entails

Flaw in security protocols creates Serious privacy issues of the telephone company’s customers. Through this flaw, in fact, hackers and cybercriminals can be Easy access to data of users. Incorrect communication between the host and the provider allows intrusion of information during the flight as it travels from one point to another. This is how bad guys succeed To steal data and get it out To use as you wish.

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The attacks that hackers can launch are of three types. blow up To intercept, block or clone calls and text messages. It happens, for example, when messages containing viruses reach our address book contacts. insightful It is an attack that violates the call and message list in order to find out the victim’s IMSI ID. IMS- cracking It allows you to crack the IMSI ID to make calls, send texts, or read data without the user being aware of it.

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