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Today the group stage of the Malaga stage of the Sevens Series ended, and the quarter-finals took place. The third stage of the World Tour, after South Africa dominated the first two stages in the men’s field. The second day also confirms what has been seen so far in Spain.

In the pool It is characterized by the loss of Fiji, reducing the participating teams to only three, and South Africa ending the group undefeated with a 43-0 victory over England. Thus Blitzbokke is first in the group and England also qualified for the quarter-finals. In the gather bOn the other hand, Ireland finished undefeated, beating Australia 10-5, while Germany beat Japan 29-0. Ireland in the quarter-finals was first in the standings, Australia in the quarter-finals and Germany were eliminated.

In the pool cThe United States and Argentina have already qualified athletically, and in the direct match, the Americans won 24-17 and closed the group in first place. Spain beat Jamaica, but both were knocked out. In the d . poolFinally, unexpected results on the final day, as Canada raised their heads and beat Wales, while France already in the quarter-finals will return to Kenya. This is how Canadians and Canadians qualify, with Wales out.

In the Quarter-finals starts with South Africa and Canada. Blitzbokke continues the clear path to the start of the season, and after the first half where the two teams do not open in the final match, they score 14-0 goals and the place in the semi-finals. But the second game sees the lead USA and Australia. Australia got off to a good start, making the first attempt after 4 minutes, but the United States equalized before the break. The balance was broken in the second half, as Turner and Roach fired Australia, who eventually won 26-7 and go to the semi-finals.

The third quarter-final is a European derby between France and England. A very well-balanced match, with England moving forward with Hyde, Torabal immediately tied in France’s favour, but Boyland’s goal ended the discussion. 12-5 for England go to the semi-finals. Finally, the day ended with a challenge between Ireland and Argentina. Argentina fly with Moneta, who scored two goals in the first half and with Gonzalez’s goal sends the two teams to rest at 19-0. Ireland responds with Philips, but it’s too little and Schulz and Gonzalez once again set the bottom line at 29-5.

Photo: Martin Serras Lima/World Rugby

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