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Malaga, in the failed Australian Women’s Championship. United States Victory – OA Sport

Today, the Malaga stage of the Sevens Series ended and the semi-finals and finals took place. The third stage of the World Tour, after Australia dominated the first two stages in the women’s field. Here’s how it went in Malaga.

The United States won the first semi-final, defeating France 14-10. Alina Olsen’s foot was decisive, turning the two American goals into a very well-balanced match. Kayla Kannett scored for the USA at 3′, with Olsen turning, then Karla Nizen shorted at 5′, but a minute later Chris Thomas scored for the Americans and Alina Olsen scored in the first half at 14-5. In the second half, France tried, and headed to the goal with Jade Ulutule in the 10th minute, but the two kicks make the difference and the United States qualified for the final, winning 14-10.

The trio did not reach Australia, which surprisingly fell into the semi-finals, losing to Russia by a score of 29-26. Spectacular match, where Bayzat Khmidova crashed in the 1st minute, then Alicia Livau-Vakuseli was impacted in the 3rd minute, but Alina Tyron put the Russians back in the 5th minute. She overtook Australia in 7′, with a Demi Hayes goal turned by Tia Hinds, but Christina Seredina scored in The 8th minute in the 19-14th minute I went to rest. Seredina still scored in the ninth minute, with Madison Levy responding in the 10th minute, but Victoria M gave the decisive extension in the 12th minute, and Madison Ashby’s 14th minute goal was not enough, who only set the score at 29-26.

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Final No date, though, with the Americans destroying Russia by a clear 35-10. It takes Chris Thomas only a minute to reach the goal, even if Bayzat Khmidova falls short in the 3rd minute, with Naya Taber sending teams to rest at 14-5 with a goal at 4′. After Snezhanna Kulkova shorted again at the start of the second half, the US popped up with two attempts from Jaz Gray and Ilona Maher who set the score at 35-10.

Photo: Martin Serras Lima/World Rugby

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