Makers made them the title

The multiplier is presented. After the spring, the Mcers also returned to the season finals and graduated as the Italian Rainbow Six Siege champions. Nothing to do to return the totems. The French list has its own list in only the first two mapsThen he inevitably surrenders with the honor of arms (3-1). Therefore, direct access to the European Challenge League is fading, but the door to the open qualifiers remains largely open.

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Start with the handbrake for Aqui and his cohorts, who wake up from initial hibernation during the first map and only make the contest 8-7 in overtime. Villa, on the other hand, is smiling to the Transalpine team. 7.1 which leaves no room for different interpretations. Stalemate upside down? Not at all, Makers hit on the flanks with opponents unable to respond. The club goes for the archive at 7-2, Chalet 7-3. Match, match and match for the 3-1 final.


Lots of relief of course at the Makers house at the end of the final: “We are satisfied – Words of Hisham Diego Ezzi, director of e-sports at the Italian organization -, Victory for us is a result, not a goal. Losing a split in January is hurting us. We were still running, so we learned from this defeat“.

The numbers behind the success

Stunning numbers, meanwhile, are the ones that Mcers have collected against Reply Totem on the official Rainbow Six channels. In nearly six hours of the live broadcast, there are over 400,000 views in total and With an average of 3,652 connected spectators With a peak of 4,368 spectators. Thanks to PG Esports, it is able to offer shows and entertainment on the same level.

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