make you fat? The truth will amaze you

Carbs yes, carbs no: the dilemma is always there. But the experts have something to say about it: Here’s the truth.

in all Low-calorie diets With the goal of losing weight, whether it is a few kilograms or several kilograms, the dilemma of using carbohydrates is always there and it seems that they never go out. There are those there Complete elimination of the diet Hoping to lose extra pounds, there are those who just don’t eat it in the evening because some say it’s too heavy and should be shed at lunch or anyway during the day.

But there are others who argue that they should not be eliminated entirely in a healthy, balanced diet. Where is the truth? The Nutrition experts and nutritionists They have the answer. Finally, myths can be dispelled or common beliefs confirmed: Here’s the whole truth about our carb friends and when to eat them.

Are carbs really that bad? The whole truth

Social dietitian Fabio Scherro takes care of removing all myths about the world of food and diets, and offers useful and healthy advice on nutrition that anyone trying to not only lose weight but also simply listen to. Live a better, healthier and longer life. So what does Fabio tell us about carbohydrates? He posted a clip on his Instagram profile that was super popular just to explain the thing and answer the question once and for all.

Thus, carbohydrates do not make you fat! Fabio is keen to dispel this myth because, as he says in the post description, he has heard many people say they don’t eat them for dinner or else they will get fat. Schirru shows how this statement is completely devoid of meaning and scientific basis. This is because it is not at all true that you do not burn fat and calories while you sleep.

Sleep is actually a low intensity activity And the It actually burns caloriesSo eating a plate of pasta in the evening will not spoil your diet and also in a balanced and healthy diet, nothing should be completely eliminated, but simply eat it in moderation and smartness. Always consult a doctor, dietitian, or dietitian before taking any steps or improvising a yo-yo and DIY diet, which can further harm your health. What’s Next.

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