Maine, billionaire’s first lottery win

the ticket – What is known, as I mentionedCorriere della Sera, Is that the ticket has already been cashed out. Purchased at the gas station Hometown Jazz & Grill“There’s a lot to come and go here today – delight the owner – it’s exciting to sell, and I hope the winner will be a resident and one of my regular customers.” The store will receive a $50,000 bonus for ticket sales and its owner will become one of the richest people in Maine.

First jackpot in all of Maine – The country got its first win on Friday the 13th. After 25 consecutive blank draws, the magical Sistina was guessed, with a probability of 1 in 302.6 million. The $1.35 billion prize marks the second largest win in Mega Millions history (the first in 2018 was $1.53 billion in South Carolina) and the fourth largest in US history.

winner – To collect the full amount, the winner will have to choose to take the money divided into annual installments for a period of 29 years. But most jackpot winners prefer the smaller but faster cash option (for Friday night’s drawing, it was $724.6 million). From the lottery homepage we learn that the winner hails from Maine and has instead agreed to receive the prize through annual payments through 2052. Annual salary of $46,551,724 per year.

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