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Magnussen towards the nostalgic Australian Grand Prix of ‘old’ Albert Park

In a regular Grand Prix, they remain in the points zone Two useful places to compete for those who don’t drive Red Bull, Aston Martin, Ferrari or Mercedes. Then the history of the races and the opportunities to be seized still had to be written. Haas is looking for second place after Jeddahwhere, together with the Alps, it achieved more than just teams in good shape in Bahrain: Alfa Romeo, Williams, above all.

About Albert Park Keeping Memories Hard to Forget, Kevin Magnussen. First race in Formula 1 with McLaren and first podium, in the distant 2014. Nine years later, everything has changed, even the circuit has become faster, resurfaced completely and with interventions that do not glorify the Danish driver.

Albert Park is very fast but “normal”

The promoter did a good job with it New format, but I don’t know if it’s better: I still prefer the old track. It had a real character, now perhaps resembling other circuits; However, it has also become faster and smoother, which is fun behind the wheel of F1. I like the old track better.Magnussen says.

Elimination of the variable in the central sector, modification of the curves in the third sector in inclusion and in the counter slope profile. A detail that, in the upcoming edition of the Australian Grand Prix (here you can find the schedules for the weekend), could be tackled in wet weather, according to the latest forecast. More unpredictable racing and opportunities that should not be missed will open up.

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Haas from midfield

Guenther Steiner portrayed the situation in which 6 teams found themselves: “There are only a few points available to the midfielders. It’s a game where everyone is involved, From sixth down, it’s all midfield, with no one behind.

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We must seize every opportunity, We think we are in the midfield and part forward, but with each race we can see changes in the status of each team. The only thing to do is Keep working and don’t make mistakes, because it will cost us dearly.”

The team boss claims the Jeddah result, obtained with recovery in the race based on the performance of the VF-23, which has already shown great performance in the two races it faced in qualifying.

“We started the championship with the clear aim of improving last year’s standing in the constructors’ championship. We scored points in Arabia and it wasn’t a stroke of luckWe fought well to get it. Winning points is the biggest motivation for the team.”

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