Magnitude 6.0 earthquake in the Philippines, buildings and offices tremble: highway landslide

A 6.0-magnitude earthquake struck the Philippines on Tuesday, March 7. The USGS publishes a report on its website. The earthquake occurred 4 kilometers southeast of San Mariano in the Davao Region (south), at a depth of 38.6 kilometers. There have been no reports so far of any injuries or casualties. However, buildings and offices shook, and landslides checked on the highway.

Earthquake in the Philippines

the shock it caused Philippines trembles It was recorded at 15:02 (local time, 7:02 in Italy) on Tuesday 7 March.

The epicenter was located 4 km southeast of San Mariano, in the southern region of davao, At a depth of 38.6 kilometers.

earthquake damage

And authorities are reviewing various reports, especially those of a landslide on a national highway.

at the moment No serious damage to property or people was recorded, Although buildings and offices shook greatly during the earthquake.

Earthquakes in the Philippines

Earthquakes in the Philippines are a A very frequent phenomenonand even if its intensity is low and do not worry, it can cause more violent trauma than other traumas.

The Philippine archipelago is located in a very active geological region, and cascades of earthquakes can trigger more serious phenomena It cannot be controlled, like tsunamis or volcanic eruptions.

In 2022 alone, they are registered in the Philippines More than 15 thousand seismic eventsof which only 7 exceeded the size of 5, without reaching 6.

The last strong shock dates back to February 1, 2023, also in the south of the country: magnitude 6.1.

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