Mae Mueller with “I Wrote a Song” for the UK

there BBC announced that it will be May Mueller with the song “I wrote a song” To defend the colors United kingdom inEurovision Song Contest 2023.

Mueller co-wrote the song alongside the Brit Award-nominated songwriter Louis Thompson he’s at Karen Paulwho has written for the likes of Kylie Minogue, Lily Allen, and David Guetta, as well as being a founding member of Alisha’s Attic.

May Mueller says:

I am very happy to be at Eurovision this year and to represent the UK! I have always loved watching Eurovision, so to be involved in such an important song contest is amazing. I’m a huge fan of the many artists who made it to Eurovision, from ABBA to Måneskin! Sam Ryder was extraordinary last year and proved the UK can get back on the left side of the table! I wrote I Wrote A Song a few months ago when I was going through hard times and wanted to feel strong in relationships, so being chosen for UK Eurovision Song of the Year is honestly a dream!

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The announcement came this morning during “The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show” on BBC Radio 2 where he was a guest Rylanone of the commentators for the British broadcaster Eurovision 2023, as well as the host of the handshake and the allotment draw that took place in January.

The British entry was previously selected BBC In partnership with the company Click on the music. The collaboration had already happened last year, when it was picked up Sam Ryder with the song Space manwho finished second in Turin, achieving the UK’s best result since 1998 and giving the country its first podium since 2002.

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the United kingdom will perform live in the finalEurovision Song Contest 2023 like your palm The host country on behalf of Ukraine.

Who is May Mueller?

May Mueller He started his career at just 10 years old and appears in the music video for “Grace Kelly” to mica. At the age of 19 he started writing his first songs. In early 2018, he began releasing his singles and debut EP “After hours”followed by their second EP “honestly”.

In 2019, May Mueller released her debut album Chapter One. The single was released in 2020 “Psychotherapist”already performed live on tour, performing his first 5-concert tour which took place in February 2020. Also in 2020 he publishes his third album Nobody else, not even you. And it announces its second and more extensive major tour of 2021.

In 2021 he collaborates with pole g And nigid in solo better dayswho gets nominated for MTV Video Music Awards 2022 in the Push Performance of the Year category as well as being certified Platinum in the US and Australia and Gold in the UK and New Zealand.

In 2022 he collaborates with Marshmallow And Trippy Reed in solo American Psycho.

Describe Florence and the Machine And Gwen Stefani: famous American singer as role models, and claims to be inspired by prevailedAnd The Dixie Chicks And Joe Joe.

United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest

the United kingdom It first appeared in the 1957 edition ofEurovision Song Contest. It has won five times and is the country that has hosted the event the most times (eight).

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United Kingdom is part of the so-called your palm (besides Spain, Germany, France and Italy) which is why he has the right of access to the final evening.

Until 1998, the chosen song always made it to the top ten. From that year onwards, the results gradually worsened, especially in 2003 with the single cry dear from the duo Geminiwhich sang off-key throughout and reached last place with its infamous zero points, the worst score ever until the 2022 release, where the song embers to James NewmanHe also finished the match with zero points.

The only exceptions are from 2000 onwards, 2002 with Jessica Garlick (Third place with counting), 2009 (5th place with Jade Ewen who gave It’s my timea piece written by Andrew Lloyd Webber) And, as mentioned, 2022 with the second place Sam Ryder.

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