Madrid, neo-Spanish Nazis advance for those who fought with Hitler: “The enemy is always the Jew.” Open an investigation

“The enemy remains the same, the Jew, only he has different masks.” Isabel Peralta Became a face Neo-nazism Spanish, Only 18 years old. On February 13, some 300 extremists marched from the metro station Askao, a Madrid, In a cemeteryAlmudena, To honor Blue sectionThe Spaniards who fought with them Adolf Hitler During World War II. Russian agency Ruptly He filmed a video with the main intrusions of the verb, which the site shared two days later The autonomous community has come under accusations, and the judiciary is already working to identify those responsible.

The event was held by the main bodies The Neo-Nazis H Neo-fascists Like Patriot Youth, Spain 2000 AH PhalangesIt is represented by its leader Manuel Andrino. It has been going on continuously since 2007, according to what some associations said, and always in the same period that coincides with the anniversary of the battle. Krasney Burr, Dove Nazis H Franchise They fought together against the Soviets in 1943. In the videos, you can hear the crowd sing the phalanx version of The wind blows, Chosen by the Spanish soldiers hymn under orders Hitler. They gathered near the memorial to celebrate the fallen Blue sectionAttendees laid a wreath and listened to some interventions, like that of Peralta.

But not only that, because he also had other personalities with her, including A. a priestNot yet determined by the judiciary: “Il MarxismLike yesterday, it still annoys the peace of our society and our soul, and above all, the annoyance of the Prince of Peace, our Master. Jesus ChristThere was no shortage of advocacy for disrespect Rules Anticovid, Pronounced by Ignacio MenendezA lawyer for the far right Carlos Garcia GiuliaCo-author of the 1977 massacre AtochaFive people died: “No respect Clothe, To meet with your family and friends, that you are more than six like here today, that you are hugging each other, that you sing, that you live happily. Why Fascism It is a joy“.

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Fox, The formation of the far right that governs Madrid With the popularity of mail CitizensI intervened to comment on the incident twice. Spokesperson for the Capital Association, Inigo Mendes de LunaHe defended the right to demonstrate without judging the statements Anti-Semites, Before the regional leader denied it Rossio MonasteryThe Jewish community has our full support in Complaint In condemning anti-Semitism. We hope that justice works and that these facts are punished decisively. ”Even the same Isabel Peralta, On your account TwitterSuspended due to full of anti-gay and racist messages, it defined the difference between neo-Nazis and Santiago Abascal: “They are ZionistsAnd the capitalists and constitutional. We are not. ”During the demonstration, one of the organizers wanted to demand their independence given the popularity and Fox As “enemies”.

The Jewish community condemned the incident by itself Channels And ambassador Israel at SpainAnd the Rodica Radiam GordonHe described the anti-Semitic allegations as “abhorrent.” Regional government encouraged Elimination To investigate anti-Semitic attacks to understand whether they could constitute a hate crime Spain He shall be punished by imprisonment for a period ranging from one to four years. over there Elimination Request all relevant documents to understand why neo-Nazis are permitted, without respecting social distancing measures and without police presence.

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