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Maculinea arion butterfly declared ‘extinct’ comes back to life » Science News

After being declared extinct, the unusually large blue butterfly has returned to live in the UK in even greater numbers.

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Perhaps there is nothing sadder than to witness to extinction of an animal type; This is why the news from Royal Society of Entomology It was welcomed with great joy by all animal lovers.

In the English sky back to fly Maculinea Arion, and big blue butterfly It was declared extinct in 1979. Two years later, the struggle began in Europe to reintroduce it into the wild through caterpillars from Sweden and recreate its natural habitat. Including planting suitable plants for it, up to 12 species of orchids, pulsatilla plants and yellow prunella which also attracted some insects essential to the reproduction of the big blue butterfly such as Ant Myrmica. This is because the females of this butterfly lay eggs from which the larvae emerge, which emit a substance that makes them resemble Myrmica, which is mistaken in their similarity and appearance. they take it treatment or treatment In the anthill for about 10 months, until the larvae transform into pupae.

Nikki JeffreyCEO of the company Prince of Wales Charitable Fund He said in a statement:This project was an excellent example of what sensitive habitat restoration can achieve.” While Professor Emeritus of Ecology Jeremy Thomas at the University of Oxford added: “The unprecedented success of this project is a testament to what large-scale collaboration between environmentalists, scientists and volunteers can achieve. Its greatest legacy is to prove our ability to do so. reverse gradient globally threatened species once we understand the driving factors.”

In the end David Simcox subordinate Royal Society of Entomology pointed out: “Our biggest challenge is to ensure this deployment in a hot climate and to develop strategies to mitigate the effects of extreme weather events.”

Meanwhile, a great milestone has been reached.

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