Macron again asks “not to humiliate Putin” and Ukrainian Minister Kuleba attacks him: “So he is the one who humiliates the French.”

conversation with Russia And the strategy of always leaving the window open for rapprochement with He flies It has always been a central point of strategy Emmanuel Macron To regulate the relationships between Kremlin and theEuropean Union. The French president repeated this again today in an interview with some regional newspapers. But his words did not satisfy him Kyiv Which, on the other hand, pushes in one direction More relentless strategy From Brussels from the direction of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his entourage. So much so that the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Dmitro Kolebaintervened harshly attacking the head of the Elysée: – “The appeals to avoid the humiliation of Russia can only be humiliation of France And any other country so requests. Because it is Russia that humiliates itself. It would be better if we all focused on how to put Russia back in place. This would bring peace and save lives.”

who – which Zelensky Comrades’ demands for a tougher stance from the allies toward Moscow is not new. Even after long and complex negotiations to reach an agreement on Sixth package of sanctions The European Union in Moscow, which among other things expects Russian oil embargo By sea for the next six months, unenthusiastic comments arrived from the Ukrainian capital. They said that the proceduresThey are not enough. We are not satisfied.”

Thus, the dialogue strategy proposed by Macron angered members of the Ukrainian government. Indeed, the French president reiterated that it remains essential not to humiliate Russia so that a diplomatic solution can be found once the fighting has stopped. But he stressed that the Russian president had committed “historical error and essential to his people, to himself and to history” by the conquest of Ukraine and for this reason he is now “isolated”.

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