M5s and the Alliance with Mastella: In Somma Vesuviana they re-elected mayor together. At the gatherings Di Maio and Leonardo on stage together

The prefixes seem to go back to Beneventowhen I endorse pentastillate Clemente Mastella On the ballot against candidate Pd. Unofficial. to me philosophical sum (Naples) office becomes official: M5s And the Mastella Allies together. With many blessings from Senator Sandra Lonardo Mastellaon stage for an electoral initiative with the Minister Luigi Di Maio: “I am glad to be here with him, because when you are with respectable people, there are no hybrid things and we do not exclude dialogue with anyone,” the online version of morning.

How much water has passed under the bridges. We’re not here to remember what the movement thought of Casta in its early days, for which Mastila has been cited as one of the longest-lived actors. We limit ourselves to shooting the current photo and in Somma Vesuviana we went like this: the outgoing mayor, Salvatore de Sarnosupported by seven menus, including M5s And the total centerlocal pop up We are in the centerMastella party. In support of Di Sarno, MoVimento withdrew to the extreme from the alliance with the Democratic Party and other civilian lists, which proposed Giuseppe Bianco. The decision was made by the local representative Gianfranco de Sarno. “Five years of opposition together and then the local leadership group of the Five Stars has practically disappeared in the past 72 hours, making it impossible and what should have been a natural outcome of the course of these years, or an alliance in light of the upcoming administrative elections,” he wrote. Valerio Di PetroCoordinator of the Metropolitan Secretariat of the PD Party in Naples, a few hours before the closing of the lists.

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For M5s all went well, the anomalous alliance was rewarded with win over. It was Salvatore de Sarno Mayor re-election In the first round, nearly 70 per cent. Good news but not very good for the quintet, stopping at an extraordinary level 5%. The outcome will be affected by the disagreement that accompanied the decision to change the position. Because in addition to allying with Mastella, MoVimento a Somma also in fact allied itself with advocates of Giorgia Meloni’s party: Civic List Soma’s brotherswith clear references to Brothers of Italy, it changed its logo and name at the last minute in Total tomorrow. But they always were.

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