Lydia Tessio Prize “Women’s Horseracing”: list of winners

«It is a great honor for us M’s words. Elio Bautasso, President of Federippodromi and General Manager of the Hippogroup Roma Capannelle – To be able to organize this award ceremony dedicated to Lydia Tesio, the great lady of horse racing who, together with her husband Federico and Mario Incisa, presented world horse racing champions such as Cavaliere d’Arpino, Donatello, Nearco, Niccolò dell’Arca, Tenerani, Botticelli, Rebot, Marguerite Vernaut, to name a few. After the 2020 edition of the pandemic was scrapped, we are finally back to normal to honor outstanding women in horse racing, riding and the horse world in general. A celebration of nineteen years in anticipation of the Lydia Tesio Prize, which this year is also included in the very rich day of the Day of the Champions of Rome scheduled for Sunday 7 November, the highlight of the international equestrian autumn that represents a moment of high technical content for equestrianism. European enemy».
The evening was moderated by Giulia Tersini and Gabriel Candy.

Awarded 2021 Edition

Isabella Siriani: Breeder – Obtained from Marco Rondoni, General Manager of the Hypogroup

Carola Semperbone: Paradressage Champion – awarded by Elio Bautasso, President of Federippodromi and General Manager of Hippogroup Rome

Jessica and Sara Spampati: Amazon – Awarded by Aurelio Savasta, General Manager of Heart Life

Marina Biasuzzi: Breeder – Awarded by Samira Marina Schulz, European World Service Consortium

Emily Bailey: Amazon and Daughter of Art – awarded by Vittorio Largaguli, LP Roma Boutique Legal & Professional

Annabola Ricci: Journalist TG1 – awarded by Andrea Rossi, Director of the Biomedical Campus of the University of Rome

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Gloria Bellelli: Consul General in Miami and Owner of the Stable – Awarded by Adriano Aragozzini

Rome Heroes Day
The “Le Signore dell’Ippica” award is historically associated with another excellent event on the international scene, the Day of the Champions of Rome.
On Sunday, November 7, 2021, all the lights in the equestrian world, both in Italy and in Europe, will be lit on the Capanelli Hippodrome which will host this event of exceptional artistic depth, rightly renamed “The Great Party of Italians” in the evening in the Casa dei Cavalieri di Rodi, Engineer Elio Pautasso and Marco Oppo, Technical Director of the Horse, presented this extraordinary day of racing that will be of interest to the entire national equestrian world.

Actress Sabrina Miri
The evening was enhanced by the festive work that will enrich the “Capannelle per Lydia Tesio” collection, an initiative sponsored by world-renowned photographer Marco DeLogo. Another iconic piece adding to a tradition from Giosetta Fioroni to Elisa Montessori, Graciela Iturbide and Cosima Spender, to name a few of the group champions built by Capannelle Racecourse over the past 20 years to celebrate the Grand Prix Lidya Tesio, the latest edition of a mares classic Europe.

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