Luna, Japan will also participate in the Artemis – Space & Astronomy Program

Together with the United States and Europe, Japan will participate in the construction of the future Gateway space stationdirected to lunar orbit, and providing important elements for the settlement module in which the crew will live and work, and A Japanese astronaut will take part in one of the upcoming missions From Artemis Return to the Moon. This was announced by NASA. The agreement also stipulates Japan’s commitment to participate in the International Space Station (ISS) activity until 2030.

The agreement was announced by the US space agency after the virtual participation of NASA chief Bill Nelson in an event in Tokyo, in the presence of Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Keiko Nagaoka and the US ambassador to Japan. Rahm Emanuel.

Under the agreement, Japan will provide the basic elements for the I-Hab housing unit (International Habitation), which will house the crew of the Gateway space station: these are the I-Hab Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS), thermal control system and cameras.

In exchange, NASA is offering an astronaut from the Japanese space agency, Jaxa, the opportunity to be a crew member on the Gateway space station on a future mission of the Artemis program.. “This – the US space agency notes – officially marks the first commitment by the United States to fly a Japanese astronaut beyond low-Earth orbit aboard a Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and NASA’s Orion capsule.”

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