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Tepid growth in employment fuels controversy over incentives. Biden stands idly by while the Republican Party blames him. The disappointing report from the Labor Department tests Biden’s strategy to revive the economy. Businessmen and Republicans argue that the president’s policy is causing labor shortages and that his enterprises risk causing inflation. But the government has shown no signs of wanting to change course, as the president has defended the generous unemployed incentives contained in the 1.9 trillion law (too generous, say opponents, to urge the unemployed to stay at home rather than look for work.) Infrastructure and other projects costing $ 4 trillion will create more and better-paying jobs after the pandemic.

Confusing signals in April data at work. Entrepreneurs added 266,000 jobs in April, well below the March increase. While economists expected an increase of one million. Despite modest growth in April, there are strong signs of the economy returning to health as infections decrease, vaccinations continue, restrictions disappear and retail trade reopens.

Employment is irregular. With some sectors where the number of workers is decreasing. The large graph shows employment losses and gains by sector: they got entertainment and hospitality, states and local authorities, education and health, and construction. They lost: retail, professional services, and manufacturing.

The vaccine giant feeds the crisis gripping India. An empire is affected by tremendous demand. The Serum Institute of India, the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer, made big promises: vaccinating the world’s poor, distributing vaccine everywhere, and signing hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts. fake promises. India, mired in a second wave of the virus, is demanding vaccines. Other countries are now looking for vaccines in other countries. The company’s president, Adar Poonwall, who lost in London, says the mistake lay on the shoulders of the United States, which acquired all the raw materials needed for production.

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The Justice Department adds new charges in the Floyd case. Four Minneapolis police officers have been charged with federal crimes for violating Floyd’s civil rights, another unusual oversight by authorities over the use of force by police. It is also a rare example where the Justice Department is seeking convictions after a district court has already ruled the main perpetrator and set a date, in August, for the trial of the other three.

He went to the Mayor’s School and wanted a job. Eric Adams’ long career – from the son of a waitress in Queens, to a cop seeking reform, from state senator to mayor and now running for mayor – is an ode to personal discipline. As he says, his life was carefully orchestrated to make him reach the limits of the one job he always aspired to, in the one city he always lived in. His career makes him unique in the pool of candidates for the position.

Trump’s Justice Department obtained the phone records of three reporters. These are Washington Post correspondents, from April to July 2017, to their home and cell phones. The newspaper’s editor-in-chief said: “The ministry must immediately clarify its reasons for this encroachment on the activities of journalists protected by the constitution.”

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Refugees are suffering from stress. Migrant children leave the crowded border shelters but are in detention in other centers.

All eyes are on Texas Eyes. “Texas eyes” is the University of Texas song for all occasions Officers. They wanted to cancel it, but all the students rebelled.

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For Johnson, success is questionable. The pillars of “Let’s do Brexit” and “settle” conflict areas in Northern Ireland fed the separatist movement in Scotland.

Chinese missile in free fall. The chances of it located in a populated area are few but not non-existent, which puts the country’s space activity into question.

Danger in detention. Federal immigration detention centers are among the most dangerous in the country when it comes to the coronavirus.

– Chinese approved vaccine. The World Health Organization announced The vaccine produced by Sinopharm is safe and reliable.

Return but not for workers. As France prepares for an economic renaissance, entrepreneurs in the hospitality sector are wary of a workforce shortage.

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