Lugano, indoor Challenger for an international relaunch

Lugano will return to taste wonderful tennis. From March 21-28, Konza will host an indoor Challenger Pavilion promoted by the Margaroli family. Last summer, Swiss Masters were staged with great success in central Cadro. If this tournament is only for invitees, then it has been suggested that Swiss players should be allowed to return to the field after the first phase of “lockdown”, this time it is an event of international importance.

First of all, we ask Ricardo Margaroli how the idea was born and whether he feels ready to take on this new challenge in Lugano. “Swiss tennis, with whom we worked closely for some time, always loved our championships. Thinking about the future and the European tennis organizers when we were in tavern. Then we embarked on another great adventure. I played Swiss Masters last summer at our Cadro facility. ”

The idea of ​​his son Luca (Editor’s note: among other things, Swiss Davisman), born to relaunch competitive activity after a six-month hiatus, was met with enthusiasm not only among players. “That’s right,” Ricardo Margaroli continues. Referees and insiders within the ATP have appreciated this suggestion. So they asked us if we would be interested in organizing something big among the Challengers. However, they wanted an indoor place. A site we certainly in Cadro would not guarantee. We thought about it for a moment and gathered the ideas. With the confidence of BancaStato, Lugano and Ticino behind us, we decided that yes, the challenge can be taken. And here we are, a month after the event, with great enthusiasm, but also with our awareness that great organizational work awaits us.

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How did you get the idea of ​​playing the championship at the Konza Pavilion? “First of all, we wanted to stay in the Lugano area -” Margaroli continues – where there is still a tradition in the Challenger area. Many will remember the success of the summer tournaments at TC Lido, with the best tournament in this category recognized globally. In the second phase of the “lockdown”, the Konza wings were left empty: except in exceptional cases, it was impossible to propose other exhibitions or events. We asked if we could take advantage of the opportunity and we gave approval. ”

It’s still too early to talk about an “entry list”. Does Margaroli feel anticipating the name of any potential hero? “The registration date must end on the 1st of March. We know very well that those who decide to register do not always guarantee their presence. In the meantime, I can say that among the members are important names such as Uzbek Denis Istomin, Australian Bernard Tomic or Czech Lukas Rusol. Generally, players should reach from position 130 down. Of course a lot will depend on the epidemiological situation in the United States, where there will be a tournament that can attract many good players. ”

We know that Andy Murray, for reasons related to the epidemic, gave up the Australian Open, as he had made sure he got a wild card. The Scottish, former world number one, preferred to stay in Europe and fought the pitch in two descendants of Biella. Is it possible to participate in Lugano? “Honestly it’s hard to say now. We definitely can’t give him a nag. However, if he shows interest in our Challenger car, then obviously we will open the doors right away. Davisman Michael Lameer, former Swiss tennis chief, will keep us informed. What can I say now. “There will be 3 primary cards in the main draw, 3 for the qualifiers and 3. We hope that the best Swiss juniors, starting with Dominic Stricker and Leandro Reddy, will reach the finalists of the last edition of Roland Garros.”

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Will there also be a place for some Ticino residents? “I hope – Ricardo Margaroli concludes – that Remy Bertola, my son Luca and others have a good chance. Luka, among others, is currently working in Singapore, where he plays with India’s Balaji.

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