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for “It’s not the ringSunday 20 March The debate raged in the studio Massimo Gilletti The episode takes place from Odessa, Ukraine. Among the guests in the studio there is the writer Francesco Amudio, a journalist reconstructs a decidedly unattractive image of the revolution in Maidan Square in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2014. “In that square there were neo-Nazis who shot into the crowd – said Amodio – the snipers who fired.” He adds: “Neil Poroshenko’s government There were right-wing extremists and some foreign ministers.” Then he adds: “A neo-Nazi battalion has been integrated into the National Guard.”

Who is there duel with Luca Tellez The writer’s thought disintegrates: “It is a fraud. You have confused – as he told the interlocutor – today’s Poroshenko government. Zelensky’s government won the elections, another government. You are rigging things to legitimize the argument that this government can be overthrown.” From there a duel decibels proceeds, with Telles pressing: “Was there a yes or no vote?”. The other is trying to argue the continuity between the two Ukrainian governments.

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