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London, July 21, 2021 – TV presenter and motorsport influencer Will Buxton, known globally for his work on the Formula 1 circuit for the past 20 years and key figures in the campaign to survive From Netflix, today releasing an exclusive weekly show on the OTT platform Motorsport.tv: This week with Will Buxton (This week with Will Buxton.)

Following the success of Buxton’s YouTube channel and weekly shows, which amassed nearly 25,000 watch hours and more than two million views in the first six months, This week with Will Buxton It will go behind the scenes of news from around the world of motorsports. With the viewer being the focal point of the show, Buxton will ask fans questions and answers from live discussions with guests to Motorsport.tv Live studio or through in-depth interviews with key people in the news. To make the show more attractive, fans will be encouraged to submit their own videos that will be used in the program.

Fans will be able to follow the 20-part series Motorsport.tv On the website or on the dedicated app downloadable on Apple, Android, Fire TV, Roku, and Chromecast devices. Some clips from the show will also be available at Motorsport.com Come on Autosport.com.

Request by Chief Motorsport Network And former Formula One commentator James Alex, Buxton joins a growing talent roster Motorsport.tv Together with the already announced Juan Pablo Montoya, the former Formula 1 driver, whose scathing comments in the news channel were on Motorsport.tv Live broadcast is very popular among fans

Presenter Will Buxton arrives at Motorsport.tv

Lt. Col. Will Buxton arrives Motorsport.tv

photo from photography: Motorsport.tv

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After two decades in motorsports, working in both print and broadcasting, Buxton has become one of the most recognizable faces and voices in the motorsport world. He started in 2001 as a journalist, before turning to broadcasting, and became the official voice of GP2 at the time (now F2). His passionate and enlightened commentary led him to be a Formula 1 television correspondent in the United States, first with Speed ​​Channel and then for many years with NBC Sports. In recent years, Buxton has had a regular presence in Digital Formula 1, as well as being one of the key figures in campaign to surviveNetflix documentary.

With an already established fan base, This week with Will Buxton It will attract those who already follow his YouTube channel and bring the series to a new audience of 61 million readers and fans Motorsport Network. Executing Producer Motorsport.tv Live is Jason Swales, who has produced Will’s work on NBC Sports and the F1 Show.

The first episode of This week with Buxton Broadcasting today on Motorsport.tv.

Will Buxton He said, “Growing up, Autosport was my bible. That was what made me decide I wanted to be a journalist and over the years I’ve been very proud to see my work and my words appear there. James Allen and I have known each other for many years, when he called me and asked if I was interested. to do something with him and with him Motorsport.tv Become part of a family Motorsport NetworkIt didn’t take long for me to say yes. Then I was able to create my YouTube channel in the winter months of lockdown and develop it with James and a great team Motorsport Network For a long-running TV show, that’s the icing on the cake. I can’t wait to get “this week” Motorsport.tv“.

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Simon Dunker, CEO of Motorsport.tvHe said, “Will’s passion and experience in motorsports, along with the success of his YouTube show, made him the perfect person to join his first big assignment. Motorsport.tv. This Week with Will Buxton will give fans an inside look at racing stories and exclusive interviews with leading figures in motorsport. We are especially excited that fans will play an integral role in this new show.”

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Alice Holloway, Patterrn – [email protected]

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