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Rome, June 2, 2023 – Amazon Preparing to submit a Cheap mobile phone service for subscribers First in the United States. The indiscretion comes from Bloomberg, even if Bradley Matting, a spokesperson for the e-commerce giant, denied: “We’re always exploring adding more benefits for Prime members, but for now We don’t have plans to add a wireless network.

Low cost offer

Bloomberg sources, on the other hand, are talking about Negotiations started 6-8 weeks agonegotiations that I major operators Phone usage: Verizon, T-Mobile US connections. Dish Network Corp. and also AT&T. Amazon’s goal will be supply Principal members of the United States Monthly subscription $10 or less. It can take several months to reach a final agreement and launch a phone show to customers. And even according to Bloomberg’s sources, the plan may not materialize.

Decreased subscriptions

In the US, Prime membership costs $139 per year and includes free shipping, entertainment with all Amazon Prime Video offerings, and access to 100 million songs. From February 2022 when the annual cost went up $119 to $139, Prime subscription growth has slowed, and expanding the offering with low-cost phone service may be a way to relaunch and gain new customers.

Diversify your business

But that’s not all: the expansion into mobile phones will be just another of (many) Business diversification made by Amazon. after purchasefor the WholeFood supermarket chain (in 2017, for $13.7 billion)at the MGM film production company in 2021 (for $8.4 billion), and in July 2022 it bought a A chain of private clinics, One Medical, For 3.9 billion dollars (about 3.8 billion euros): an investment, the latter, in a sector such as healthcare that is already very profitable and rapidly expanding.

Data and privacy

Wireless phone services will add another piece to the approach that sees Amazon increasingly “present” in its customers’ lives. Among the dilemmas that such an operation could raise, there would certainly be that of data usage From wireless customers, data is used to provide increasingly personalized services but risks creating problems from a point of view Privacy.

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