Lotus Emira Test, Data Sheet, Reviews and Dimensions 3.5 V6 1st Edition

Only last one on gasoline

According to tradition, her name begins with the letter E. In some languages ​​that have now disappeared, it means “she who leads.” Ago lotus princess It replaces, in one fell swoop, all previous Lotus products (Elise, Exige, Evora), this can be explained by the fact that the car closes an era and opens another: this is the latest model driven by a gasoline engine (the next will be 100% electric) and the first is completely new under the new management of the company The Chinese Geely which acquired the British brand in 2017.

Respect the traditions

Technically speaking, the lotus princess Connected to the latest models of the house, its extruded aluminum frame is glued and riveted. An aeronautical solution that combines lightness (the chassis weighs about 100 kg) and durability. Needless to say, the engine is centrally located behind the passenger and passenger seat. Low, large, compact and curvy, the Lotus Emera is inspired by the Evija, the 2,000-horsepower electric sports car, as well as its debut (read over here news). However, it is not a design that is an end in itself, but rather dictated by aerodynamic needs. Example? Cracks, like dents, cut through the front bonnet to improve the adhesion of airflow to the bodywork.

Attentive to rest

Regardless of the aerodynamic efficiency, the lotus princess It’s also a nimble car because, like all Lotus cars, it weighs quite a bit. Even if 1405 kg does not make it pass among the lightest sports cars in the house, it is certainly an interesting value for a coupe, in our case, with a multi-part engine and with all those features that cannot be abandoned today. With the Emira, in fact, the British manufacturer “raises the bar”, cruising on land only partially explored with the Evora, that is, the super coupe models yes, but also pouring it out for everyday use. In short, a step higher than the Elise and the Exige, less prone to compromise between performance and comfort because it’s dedicated to pure driving enthusiasts (preferably on the track), but the new model maintains all those sentiments that Lotus is known for. transmitting.

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Unlike the models that have just retired, the lotus princess It’s more comfortable, spacious (it has a box worthy of the name), better finish and equipped with everything one would expect from a car of its class. The seats are large, comfortable, covered in leather and well-designed to withstand even the most sudden changes in direction. The level of digitization also lives up to expectations, with a 12.3-inch screen behind the steering wheel containing all the instruments and a 10.25-inch touch screen with which on-board services are managed: from automatic climate control, to connections with phones. However, at least for now, Adas are still missing, or safety systems such as automatic emergency braking and maintenance in this way.

Ready to go wild

What does not change is the feeling of being behind the wheel of a real sports car. there lotus princess It’s certainly a comfortable GranTurismo that, if you wish, you can “take it easy” and travel with a little gas, but just select the Sport driving mode (with a button in the tunnel) to find the Lotus doc verve. throttle responds more easily and 3.5 V6 with 405 HP (Originally Toyota and already installed on Exige and Evora) It pushes angrily to close to 7000 rpm, without missing a thing thanks to the tireless work of the volumetric compressor. The six-speed manual gearbox (automatic with torque converter at 2,670 euros) is fast, precise and more maneuverable than before. These last details make it less stressful on normal driving (even if the clutch isn’t the softest). However, some purists may complain that this is less true than the former.

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On the right track knows his stuff

Unlike the Elise and Exige, which are designed for use on the track or, in any case, rather “extreme”, the lotus princess It does not necessarily have to be pushed to the extreme to give feelings. This, of course, does not mean that it is not comfortable between partitions. On the contrary: on the test track making its way through the Hethel plant, the car demonstrated truly surprising agility and the cornering speed expected of a Lotus. Very powerful and safe braking system, which never compromises stability, even in the most difficult situations. However, the pressure on the throttle should be measured with caution because the quick response of the V6 engine can lead to some slip that is required to be corrected when the wheels are steered. Especially in lane mode, so with the electronic driving aids turned off completely, experience is required.

Guidance text

The copious character of lotus princess It also manifested itself in the part of the test, which was carried out on roads open to traffic. Driving it at a brisk pace on narrow country lanes is electrifying, thanks to the car’s great interaction, which is extremely quick on lane changes. If anything, if the asphalt isn’t perfectly smooth, the steering tendency to “copy” the imperfections of the road surface can be annoying. Not bad, for sports, absorbing holes. In short, emotions are guaranteed, but to enjoy them fully, you must always be very focused. On the other hand, we are talking about Lotus. In other words, a car that requires a very intense human-machine relationship and also the right amount of “effort”, but which in turn can give off strong emotions.

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Already for sale

there lotus princess In the launch version first edition With a 3.5 V6 for testing, it was already sold at 102,780 euros. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as standard, cruise control, leather interior and 20-inch forged wheels. The model with a 360 hp 2.0 turbo engine and a dual-clutch gearbox derived from the Mercedes A35 AMG can also be ordered: it costs 95,480 euros.

In our opinion

> comfort. Not bad for sports.
> Guide. It is very satisfying
> Line. It has charm and stands out.

> lentil. There are no driving aids such as automatic emergency braking.
> gear sharing. The clutch is not light. Some fundamentalists would have liked to share a slightly more contrasting lineage.
> Guidance. It tends to copy the imperfections of the road

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