Lottery receipt, pay attention to PEC

The Lottery receipt The moment of the first draw, scheduled for March 11th, is now underway. But what happens if one of your virtual tickets is withdrawn? The risk is actually that by not paying attention to certain details, you are risking a big problem.

Watch out for the PEC

When accessing the restricted area of ​​the lottery portal, you can enter some data, including your own PEC. By entering this data, in fact, the system will use this tool to send the final victory notification. Those who do not enter the club, on the other hand, will receive a recorded letter. Login PEC So it allows you to receive instant notification of victory, giving you all the time needed to collect winnings within the stipulated time.

Nevertheless, an important detail should be emphasized that could mislead many participants: PEC must be the owner of the extracted ticketOtherwise, the connection cannot be initiated.

Explain the Facebook page of Lottery receipt:

The only certified email that can be entered must match the tax code and lottery code of the person who made the purchase. Therefore, an authenticated email attributed to another person cannot be used correctly to notify a potential win.

Therefore, there is no doubt: the entered PEC is not just a reference that acts as a mailbox, but an official reference and therefore must correspond to the identity used to register the lottery law. So each person should only use their certified email, or give it up and wait for the recorded message with fingers crossed.

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