Lost Ark, Free RPG, Arrives in the West with Amazon, New Trailer –

missing coffin He came back to show himself with a new one Trailer for a movie On the occasion of the Jeff Keighley Summer Games Festival is currently underway and will be released in the West by amazon gaming studios, as confirmed in these hours.

It’s work Free-to-play RPG Set in a fictional world called Arkesia, it is centered around 14 playable classes among which we find Gunner, Martial Artist, Mage and Assassin as the main category, with other subcategories leading to further disciplines up to the 14 involved.

A feature of Lost Ark, then, is the presence of a certain system of Skill It’s called a “Tripod” which allows you to perform very specific and special upgrades for each different type of character. However, it is an MMO, so much attention is paid to loot management and this, as well as a different Skill Dungeon and Treasure Map Dungeon system to explore.

The MMORPG in question has been a huge hit in Korea and Russia, so it is preparing to arrive North America and Europe With excellent chances of success, to the point of attracting the support of a major publisher such as Amazon Game Studios, which took care of localization directly in several languages ​​including English, French, German and Spanish, although the Italian language does not appear to be current.

The Lost Ark is expected to be triggered 2021 Still no release date, with fileAlpha Tech scheduled for this summer.

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