Losing weight with walking doesn’t work: Here’s why

Denial has arrived from Brigham Young University, walking doesn’t make you lose weight! Or rather it is a very useful activity, but it does not save in severe obesity. The study results were surprising and finally brought to light a hotly debated issue.

Science takes a step back: Walking doesn’t make you lose weight

For years, the results of various scientific studies have confirmed that hiking brings innumerable benefits to mental and physical health, promoting weight loss. But the study conducted by a team of researchers from Brigham Young University, Posted in Obesity Journal Redefines the rules of the game, and finally clarifies the matter. Experts have realized that walking helps relax, improves mood, helps maintain bone strength, and much more, but listen, it has no effect on losing excess weight.

Bad news for pedestrians: an unexpected turn

Experts monitored the physical activity of up to 120 students. Participants in the trial were asked to walk about 6 times per week, taking a minimum of 10,000 steps to a maximum of 15,000 steps. The search results were surprising and unexpected. In fact, the results of the experiment showed that all boys did not lose weight at all, but even losing them increased, on average, by 1.5 kilograms. But what is the explanation? “Aerobic exercise is not always the most effective way to lose weight. Walking may be beneficial in increasing the amount of physical activity performed, but our study has shown that it alone does not help maintain or prevent weight gain,” explained Brigham Exercise Professor Young University, Bruce Bailey, An expert who led the search.

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Therefore, the study showed that walking is a physical activity that certainly helps in losing weight, but if it is not accompanied by more exercise, weight loss is not guaranteed. It is also clear that even if you decide to walk intensely seven days a week, but without making changes to your diet, you will not get the desired results. Losing excess weight is a complex mechanism that requires professional intervention, especially if you intend to lose a lot of pounds.

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