Lords of the Fallen: Possible release date revealed by a leak

there release date to The fallen lords will be the October 13, 2023at least according to the leak reported by the Lumia Updates insider, which is considered very reliable given its past.

Unfortunately, the Information They stop here, in the sense that the tweet with the hint only shows the title of the game and the date, without providing other details.

As always in these cases, the invitation is to take the news too seriously and miss one official confirmation than reported. Right now, Lords of the Fallen is still scheduled for some date in 2023, still undetermined.

We read Official description From the game:

Lords of the Fallen offers an all-new epic adventure set in a vast, interconnected world of darkness and chaos, five times the size of the original game.

At the end of an era marked by cruel and tyrannical rule, the demonic god Addir was finally defeated. But gods… they don’t fall forever. Eons have passed and the resurrection of Adyr is about to take on the role of one of the legendary Dark Crusaders and delve into the realm of the living and the dead in this massive RPG experience packed with massive boss battles, fast and challenging battles, thrilling encounters and a compelling storyline. Will your legend be a legend of light…or darkness?

Explore vast, interconnected worlds
Travel between two vast parallel worlds on your quest to bring down Adyr. If the world of the living already presented very difficult challenges, then the world of the dead harbored unspeakable nightmares.

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