Looks like a Fiat 126 and they’ve produced so little

You can really count on your finger on the models produced by this rare beach, inspired by the most famous marine car in history. But what makes it so special? See this sample for sale.

We all remember the great Citroen Mehari as the official car of the Italian summer. But no one remembers its British counterpart despite it being a rare and well-built car.

Mahari in her natural habitat: Lido (Motorage)

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Among the many French cars marketed in Italy, the Citroen Mehari . has to be One of the most unforgettable places. It could not be otherwise for a car based on the Citroen 2CV chassis, one of the most famous and produced small cars in the history of our continent: however, in Italy, the car had good competition in the beach segment, one of the most special in the four-wheeled world.

Discovery, easy to drive and built into the thermoplastic polymer material, the car It was perfect for a beach photoshoot On duty during the summer with friends, with beach towels, sunglasses and some beer on board – reserved for passengers! – Sunbathing and waiting for the sunset on the beach.

Of course, like any successful product, Citroen Mehari had a host of imitators of all nationalities. We’ve seen for a long time African version, produced by two prominent French designers with temporary means. Today we see how England tried to respond to the success of this car.

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There is, too Duport Onyx Mehari was also conceived by a Frenchman, a certain Guy Duport who at the time owned a ski equipment manufacturing company. However, the car we see for sale today comes from the UK in that it is unique: it is made almost entirely of fiberglass, and Duport Onyx is a small beach suspiciously similar to Mehari Beach that certainly inspired it.

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The car arrived in 1977, perhaps too late to really take advantage of the popularity of the model it was inspired by. However, the Onyx has a number of special features that make it very interesting such as the Lambretta tires and the 325cc single-cylinder engine. Also interesting is the fact that From ten different versions Of the same car – including a hard-top truck – only 20 were produced in total.

Denix Car and Classic 18_08_2022 Quattromania
From the UK Angrily (Cars & Classics)

sample for sale on classic car It’s the only one left in all of Britain, and it costs just over £2000! However, it doesn’t look bad, at least at first glance. Hurry up and get it because Duport has closed its doors in 1994 and this medium could become an interesting collector’s item in the next few years. You have been warned!

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