Look for this written on the 10 euro bill and you are rich: photo

They can be recognized as more than coins Euro banknotes Thanks to its rich appearance in color and somewhat different dimensions among the various “cuts” (originally 8, for some 7 years, with 500 canceled euro) were conceptually accepted much more quickly than coins. In particular, one of the things that European citizens have most exploited is 10 euros, which is equivalent to about 2.7 billion pieces among all the countries that are part of theEuro-zone.

Look for this written on the 10 euro bill and you are rich: photo

Red, slightly larger than the 5 euro banknote (127 x 67 cm), the 10 euro banknote bears architectural and artistic illustrations that draw inspiration from art Romanesque It is one of the least counterfeit countries (in fact it ranks third after 50 and 20 euros). Like any other banknote in society, it was prepared in two series, the first was issued from 2002 to 2014, the second from last year, and is still printed by the countries used.

The rarity of 10 euro banknotes, widespread, are all in the series, they are made with an initial letter, which varies depending on the country of origin (Italian countries, for example, have the letter S at the beginning, followed by 11 numbers), and from Serial in particular You can make good trades: if the configuration is specific, it also consists of consecutive numbers (eg. S23456789…) or simply by a few types of characters (eg. S84484484) We are facing a rare case which can be worth up to 5 times the face value.

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However, the rarest €10 is a sample, i.e. a “sample” of banknotes, was not envisioned for traditional use but as a “gift” for the ECB governor. It is easily identifiable by the inscription indicated diagonally on both sides. A specimen of this type is worth from 700 to more than 1,000 euros, if it is well kept but is practically impossible to find.

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