Long-term checking account? You better make this choice

Bank loyalty pays off at higher costs: find out if it’s appropriate to change banks based on your old checking account.

Did you know that the older your checking account is, the more likely you are to get affordable offers for your money? The scan is quick and easy and only takes a few minutes of effort to find out if It is better to change the color to white Compared to what is proposed to us in the current offer.

current account costs
Current account costs on solofinanza.it

at recent days Search from the Bank of Italy It turns out how much loyalty towards their reference bank costs the customer. The results show us how convenient it is to switch between banks. The reasons may be different: let’s consider the high costs, poor services provided and offers received from other banks. How do those who decide to change bank accounts move? First, the new bank must be chosen, and then inquire about the procedures for opening the new account, according to the procedures requested by the institute. At this point, the bank will take action to close the old checking account.

Too many expenses to manage a checking account? When to change the bank is worth it

We will be called Return of check book and payment cards Linked to the account we are closing, and therefore the ATM and credit card: in this case we must make sure that there are no payments due.

We will then continue to send the new IBAN to the business owner or, if a loan is in progress, to any financial company, to allow the financial company to automatically withdraw funds from the account. The Securities Account will also be closed and the respective Securities will be transferred to the new Current Account.

If our checking account is old, it is very likely that it is no longer worth leaving it open with that institution. The Costs incurred to maintain a current account They can be above average: to find out you just need to do a simple internet search and locate a checking account at no or minimal cost.

Paying Citizenship Income
Payment of citizenship income on solofinanza.it

Calling the bank and opening a new current account is a very simple process: the bank will take care of all the bureaucratic procedures for closing. What about the costs of closing a current account? There are no costs in this case, as stipulated in Bersani Decree 223/2006. The bank should limit itself to requesting account management expenses and not eventually close it.

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