Long Covid affects 1 in 3 people, even among young people

Researchers also found that long-term COVID-19 was more likely among people with pre-Covid health problems, smokers and ex-smokers, women, and people who had more severe symptoms while infected with COVID-19.

Led by Megan Landry, project manager for the George Washington University Campus Covid Support Team, the researchers looked at a sample of 1,338 cases among students, faculty, staff and others on campus, most of whom were young, healthy residents. “But, We found very high prevalence rates for prolonged Covid symptoms – said Lynn Goldman, dean of the GW Milken Institute of Public Health and coordinator of the study. Our findings are also consistent with previous research highlighting the importance of getting vaccinated and staying up-to-date with booster doses, which protect against severe initial disease and progression of prolonged COVID disease.”

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