London, UK is one of the least biodiverse countries in the world

More bad news. According to new data, the UK is one of the most draining countries in the world and may not have enough biodiversity to prevent ecological collapse. This was partly caused by the effects of the Industrial Revolution, but it has not been completely erased.

The UK has an average of only 53% of biodiversity remaining, well below the global average of 75%, according to a Natural History Museum analysis published these days. Italy, like France, has 65% of the remaining biodiversity. The UK is the last of the G7 countries in terms of biodiversity, the third from the bottom of the European countries, and only Ireland and Malta are the worst in Europe.

To be safe, you need to have an average of 90%, which experts consider the “safe limit” to avoid ending up in a situation where ecosystems don’t have enough biodiversity to function well.

The BII is an international indicator that can be used to compare countries on how nature is responding to human pressures in terms of changes in land use. The index is designed to be used in conjunction with measures that track wildlife trends. The BII also provides an overview of the long-term effects of historical pressures on species and habitats, reflecting losses and gains that occurred before beginning to measure systemic trends.

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