London, the only flea circus in the UK to be auctioned

Professor Lynn Tomlin was famous in the mid-twentieth century for doing a different kind of entertainment than usual in Belle Vue, Manchester. In fact, he had a flea circus that did jumps and stunts on miniature circus equipment. The circus was later forced to close in the 1960s due to a shortage of fleas.

but now , Flea Circus By Professor Tomlin, up for auction at “Out of the Ordinary” in Sworders, the flea circus equipment, believed to be the most recent example in the UK, is believed to include two rocking hammocks, a cart, two windmills, a garden cart, a cart and a fencing base.

The origin of the Flea Circus comes from watchmakers who since the 1600s have specialized in miniaturization and have used fleas to experiment with watches. Belle Vue Circus was run by Professor Lynn Tomlin and his wife Evelyn, who hired professional bug catchers to ensure a good supply of fleas: Unfortunately, fleas only live 10 days on average. And new fleas were always needed. It is evident that with better sanitary conditions and vacuum cleaners it is becoming increasingly difficult to find artists.

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