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London, the number of Italian citizens barred from entering the UK is increasing

As we expected, the number of European citizens barred from entering the UK at the border increased after leaving the EU.

Secondly morning cityWho has seen official figures from the immigration office shows that 56% are Romanian citizens who are stopped and sent back to their country, often after a few days in detention. The Bulgarians and Poles follow, but the Italians are in fifth place with more than 400 nationals repatriated to Italy in the first nine months of 2021.

However, others are often turned off and forced to answer an infinite number of questions, even people of stable status. As always, this is bad luck, while others pass without a visa or stable status without having to answer a single question.

Solicitor Sheetal Patel told City AM that there has to be a system of racial profiling, with some nationalities (see Romanians) being turned off more often and subject to stricter interrogations. The lawyer adds:Being exposed to intense questions can be a traumatic experience. It is possible that many of the people who have been detained have attempted to visit the UK for legitimate reasons, such as visiting friends or family. “

For what reason did they stop at the border?

Sometimes at random for no particular reason, it is clear that anyone who does not have a return ticket or does not have a lot of money will be subject to the third class. The other thing that looks suspicious is the lack of exact plans, such as a booked hotel, not knowing what one intends to visit or giving the names and addresses of the people one wants to visit. Theoretically, a European citizen can stay in the UK for 6 months without having to apply for a visa, but he can never work, not even as an ice spouse.

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