London, the life of an asylum seeker awaiting trial: ‘I don’t want to go to Rwanda’

He is 23 years old, his name is Hein (Cover name) Eritrean: lives as an asylum-seeker in a suburb of London, awaiting the crucial second asylum interview in the UK.

If the answer is no, Hein risks being transferred to Rwanda, like the tens of thousands of other illegal immigrants who arrived by sea — across the Channel — in England (40,000 in 2022).

The controversial plan, launched by Boris Johnson’s government at the time, was finalized before Christmas “legal” by the High Court in London.

According to the agreements of recent months – internationally criticized even before European Court in Strasbourg – And then May 19, 2022 meetingat the United Nations in Geneva, between the then British Home Secretary, Priti Patel Rwanda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vincent PerrottaThe United Kingdom will pay the equivalent of more than 140 million euros to Rwanda for the “custody” of immigrants Illegally arrived on English shores.

At the time, Minister Patel called the deal “an innovative solution to a global problem”.

“I think it’s not a safe country, I don’t know. I don’t know Rwanda, I have no idea about Rwanda, I don’t know anything about Rwanda: safe, it’s not safe, I don’t know anything about it,” Hein says.

“I left my country Eritrea when I was 16… I traveled from Eritrea to Sudan on foot, from Sudan to Egypt, then from Egypt to Italy, then from Italy to Switzerland, then from Switzerland to France, then from France to the UK : And now I’m so tired. I no longer have the energy to go to another country, a new country, a new life … I think it’s over for me. I have no more strength to do nothing, “concludes Heine.

While awaiting a possible (and desirable) future in the UK, Hine is currently unable to work, has no money, has no relatives and doesn’t know anyone in London.
But here – not in Rwanda – he wants to start a new life.

euronews says

Meeting between the United Kingdom and Rwanda, sponsored by the United Nations, in Geneva.
Service date May 20, 2022

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