London Northwestern Railway train for Eurovision 2023

Birmingham, 9th May 2023 – North West London Railway is running a ‘Eurovision Special’ to get in on the party. Train operator London Northwestern Railway (LNR) is getting into the festive spirit ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest this weekend by launching a specially branded train for the occasion. One of the LNR Class 350 trains was given a custom livery to celebrate Eurovision after being wrapped in the distinctive yellow and blue official branding. LNR, which operates services from Liverpool to London via the West Midlands, has designated the 12.34pm departure from Birmingham New Street to Liverpool Lime Street as a ‘Eurovision Special’. Dozens of Eurovision “super fans” came on board for the special flight, which included musical entertainment, children’s make-up service and, upon their arrival in Liverpool, culminated in a party with other Eurovision fans on the station platform.
And it’s never too late for passengers to get in on the fun: anyone who sees the branded train floating on the net is invited to take a photo and tag LNR social media accounts with #EurovisionTrain for a chance to win big prizes. “The Eurovision Song Contest is a major international event that brings a huge economic boost to Liverpool and the rest of the UK,” said Jonny Wiseman, Director of Customer Experience at LNR. “I am delighted to be able to celebrate the UK hosting Eurovision for the first time in a quarter of a century by wrapping one of our trains in class. 350 in the official hallmark of the event. Any passenger who takes a picture of a train circling the grid can win great prizes, so I encourage everyone to get involved.” From the LNR press release

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