London has a problem with migrant boats in the Channel

The flow of immigrants is increasing, the UK is paying France to stop it but nothing happens. Meanwhile, there are no seasonal workers in the country. What’s it like to “take back control”?

More than 8,500 migrants arrived in the UK in 2021, and arrivals have already been reached in 2020, which is a significant increase compared to the previous year. Migrants cross the canal on inflatables and dinghies: London has given France 65 million euros to do what Turkey is already doing with migrants arriving in Europe, but the agreement does not seem to work. Many Britons are convinced Paris is doing nothing to contain the influx as posthumous retaliation for Brexit: Brexit hawk Nigel Farage has moved to Dover for weeks, filming the rafts and then commenting on them in his new broadcast on GB News, and it’s clear Exactly in his accusations of the French. Farage, who has a disruptive intuition, is building an anti-immigrant campaign following the famous “take back control” campaign won over Brexit: many are following him and Downing Street says worried that if this is really a “summer story” there will be more. From Trouble for the Government Yesterday, a group of parliamentarians sent a letter to the government denouncing the terrible conditions in which immigrants are held: the structures were not designed for an influx of this size (even if in the 1990s, during the Blair government, 45,000 people arrived a year).

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