London entertainment and places of interest

There are many entertainment options that London provides to those who live there and who visit as a tourist. But what activities can you not miss? For example, it is worth plunging into the ancient history of this city, because all its streets are decorated with historical heritage: each of its buildings can be considered A milestone in the history of the English, European and world languages. It is just one example among many London Towera real architectural gem known for being, among other things, the place where the treasures of the English crown are kept.

Discover the Tower of London

The Tower of London was built during the reign of William the Conqueror, and it is one of the destinations that is able to attract the attention of all tourists. In the past, this building was put to the most diverse uses, being used not only as a royal residence, but also as an observatory, an armory and even Like a zoo. However, it has gone down in history as being one of the gloomiest prisons ever built.

sky garden

Another activity not to be missed is the activity related to the panoramic view of the city which can be enjoyed from sky garden. It is located in Walkie Talkie, one of the tallest buildings in the English capital. The Sky Garden spreads across the top three floors of this building, and is truly a magical rooftop garden. It is possible to admire the many trees and shrubs, as well as flowers and vases At an altitude of 160 meters. And while you are surrounded by plenty of nature, you have the opportunity to treat yourself to a 360-degree view of the city that takes your breath away. The really important aspect is that admission is completely free.

at the theater in London

There are some traditions that cannot be respected in London: think, for example, of the classic ride-on bus two floors. The same goes for theatrical performances. the West endas it is known, is the theater district par excellence, comparable to New Broadway York. This part of London has long been famous for its parks and palaces, as well as shopping areas and government offices Eastern tip It was the most industrial and working class area of ​​London. Well, there are over 40 theaters in the West End, including Shakespeare’s Globe, where you can obviously catch shows of Bard’s work.

Greenwich Meridian

Not many tourists are devoted to discovering Greenwich districtWhich for this very reason require special attention. It is a picturesque neighborhood to say the least where there are museums, Gardens And wonderful buildings. In the context of Greenwich Park, then, there is Royal ObservatoryMoreover, you can enjoy a wonderful view. It is an attraction that includes paid areas and areas with free admission. Along the Meridian Courtyard, you can cross the Greenwich meridian, or zero meridian.

Kew Gardens

London It is the capital of the world with the largest area of ​​parks, given that 24% of its territory is occupied by green spaces. Well, I’m due to be mentioned Kew Gardens, the most ingenious fruit of English botany. Close to the gardens is London’s smallest royal palace, Kew Place. The entire complex is a prestigious research center and houses the largest botanical collection in the world.

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