London, a fin whale stuck in a Thames lock. “Many wounds must be torn down to put an end to her suffering.”

a Palinotera Twice hung in less than 24 hours in a lock The Times, in London. According to veterinarians, she would have to be culled for a reason Injuries inflicted. The animal will be mercilessly killed “to put an end to its suffering.” According to reports BBC By rescuers from Save British marine life diversThe young specimen’s condition rapidly deteriorated, despite an operation carried out in a desperate attempt to free it after it ran aground for a second time.

Hundreds of people attended Sunday First aid night Seven hours And it happened in the suburbs of London Richmond, For trying to help the marine mammals that found themselves after only a few hours a prisoner of A. River stretch Where the water is very low. Lifeguards, registered Deep wounds Weakened by her ability to move, she decided to go ahead with the killing, which would happen at night or tomorrow at the latest. “As soon as a team of veterinarians arrives at the whale, it will be mercilessly disposed of to put an end to its pain – said the one who coordinates the operations -. In the meantime, every effort will be made. Eases The suffering of the animal in this sad situation.

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