Lombardy’s decision on a second dose of Pfizer and Moderna takes 35/42 days

Not more than twenty-one days, but twice that. Lombardy decided to extend the time between the administration of the first and second dose of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, whose boosters are currently manufactured three weeks after the first vaccine is administered.

The announcement, after the green light from the Scientific Technical Committee arrived on Wednesday, was Pirelloni’s social welfare advisor, Letizia Moratti. “More people were vaccinated before with the interval extended between the first and second dose of Pfizer and Moderna. In Lombardy, for those who already have an appointment for a second dose, nothing has changed. Only starting tomorrow, May 7, the dates for the second appointment will be scheduled.” ° at 35-42 days and not at 21 days, ”the Lombard vice president explained on Twitter.

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Therefore, for those who have already received the first dose and already have an appointment for the second dose, everything remains the same. For those who will be vaccinated from May 7, the second vaccination will be postponed to the fifth or sixth week. The goal – with a plan already by the way supposed In the past by Moratti herself – she was vaccinating as many people as possible in less time with at least one dose, which seems to guarantee good coverage against the most dangerous forms of Coronavirus.

It was also approved through the Ministry of Health circular, which conveyed in the past few hours the opinion of the Counter-Terrorism Service on the subject for various reasons. The experts noted that it is “recommended” to extend the second dose of Pfizer-BioNtech and Moderna mRNA “in the sixth week after the first dose”.

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In fact, the CTS noted that “there are still a large number of unvaccinated people who, due to their personal characteristics or comorbidities, are at high risk of developing severe or fatal forms of Covid 19”. Hence the need to ensure at least a first dose for everyone.

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